Each day as I wake up in my little flat… my lonely bed, for the first 5 minutes I cannot place where I am. The room is unfamiliar, the sounds and smell are alien, and the sunlight comes from the opposite direction (in my home the window was near the foot of the bed, here the window is at the head!). Then slowly things start settling. It’s like a new birth every day.

There is a mosque just outside my flat. Every morning at 5:30 the Aajan will start, and go on for about 3-4 minutes. At first this was a unbearable torture. But now when every day I’ll wake up for those 3 minutes, I sort of get a reassurance. Something that binds me with reality. And I’m getting a lot of reassurances nowadays. Almost as if I have a guardian angel…who is looking after me whatever I do. Now it has become a habit; I’ll wake up for those 3 minutes and again sleep off.  It’s like life, really, most of the times we are sleeping….and consciousness is rare.

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