Light and shadow

After a particular stressful day (well, ok, evening) the office cab drops me at my home at 2 PM. As soon as I get down, I realize there’s a power cut. The 4-storey climb to my flat feels quite creepy, with baby cycles and toys strewn in each of the 4 landings. It’s eerily silent. Finally when I reach my floor, I look out from the balcony, and the moonlight shines beautifully over the dark city, illuminating all the jhopdis and shops and bikes parked, the sleeping dogs, the few trees. I decide to go to terrace. I sit on the moonlit roof for half an hour, feeling the stress washing away. It’s so silent it’s almost terrifying, like I’m the only living being here, but it’s so peaceful.

I’m remember the frequent loadsheddings that used to happen when we stayed in Serampore. As soon as the light would go off, me and the sis would throw our books and climb up to the roof. We almost waited for the power cuts. And then trying to identify the stars….singing random songs….bullying each other…..and suddenly the lights will come up, forcing us to go back to our studies. Happy and innocent times!


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