Tanu Weds Manu Returns

“Sharma ji, hum zara si bewafa kya huye, aap toh badjalan ho gaye!”

Though flawed in many parts, the film does manage to strike a chord. Fabulous performances, witty one-liners, and unconventional thinking are the main assets of this movie. The points I liked the most, are-

1) Tanu and Manu gets married, and after 4 years, there are certain issues in between them which they are not able to solve. Some are practical, some are silly, but they act on their emotions rather than ‘Log kya kahenge’

2) The wife (Tanu) drinks and flirts and abuses people. She is just a normal human being with all imperfections, not the ideal bahu Bollywood always portrays. She has her problems, she is selfish, but she can speak her mind when she wants. And at the end as we see, she is ready to let go of her ego too.

3) The girl (Kusum) coming from a backward rural area. Still she is an achiever, can stand for her own rights, and can love unconditionally.

Overall, it was a good entertainer, full paisa-vasool film!

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