If you were here

Yesterday was a particular bad day in office. We slogged like anything, and at the end of the day the big boss says, “You are doing it wrong…. I adviced you people to do it a different way. ” And so went the endless debates and stats and warnings blah blah blah.

When I came back to my flat, I was mentally exhausted. I know this is my decision and all….and now I can’t escape. But still then I was feeling low. So decided to go for PK. Now there’s a movie hall which should near my home as per Google maps. So aided with GPS, I went there, The online reviews for the hall was too bad. But I found it alright. Ticket prices was low, the crowd was friendly, and the movie was quite absorbing. Had a good time.

If I were in Kolkata, I could not even dream of going to a movie alone. Either R or friends….they are always there. We would go to a movie, pass comments during watching, have some snacks in the interval time, and return back home discussing it. I missed all of these. You gain some, you lose some.


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